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Billions of years ago, where now there are those famous rocks, there were, instead, big pastures welcoming tribes of shepherds. Higher, in the guts of the Rocchetta (cavern), was living an ancient and rich wizard. He owned a massive treasure he chiseled very ably. To do so, he used the gold that was covering entirely the cracks of his Rocchetta.  

One day a wanderer came to the shepherds’ tribe and asked for hospitality. He decided to stay for many days and in the long nights spent by the fire, he knew about the wizard and his huge treasure. The wanderer begun daydreaming on that much richness and his greed grew everyday more and more.

By putting pressure on the shepherds, he convinced them to climb up the Rocchetta, stage an ambush to the wizard and take possession of his massive and fascinating treasure.

Therefore, in a dark night, all the members of the tribe surrounded the Rocchetta, led by the wanderer. The bravest ones, when they reached the crack that access the cavern, entered it slowly, loaded as much gold as they could on their shoulder and left, heading the village. Last was the wanderer coming from far away, who charged his back more than the others. Right in the exit, accidentally, he moved a stone that, falling inside the cavern, woke up the powerful wizard.

Him, realizing what was happening, with a terrible shout came out from the cave. In the darkness of the night, he took a massive stone from the rocks of the Black Mount and threw it on the shepherds’ village, burying sheeps, huts, men, and the stolen treasure forever. That is the reason why today instead of the green pastures, you can see those black and wild rocks heading the sky: those are the famous rocks of Drusco. 

(based on a legend of the rocks of Drusco by Giannino Agazzi)


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