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As any important castle, even the Roccalanzona one was place of tragedies and secrets, and his walls are keeping stories and legends.

A long time ago, all the castles had a thing called “the cutting well”: a bed of blades placed in the bottom of the well was waiting for the people sentenced to death. This was the grim end of the criminals. Obviously, the Roccalanzona castle had one, which today is not visible anymore. A story says that the aristocratic people attending the castle used to organize ball parties and invite girls form the farms around there. Once they ate, drank and danced, any man chose a young girl to spend the night together. It was certain death for the girl who dare to refuse this destiny: she would have been thrown in the cutting well, which was forty meters deep and covered, on the sides and the bottom, by sharp blades.

Who walks around the ruins of the well, even now, admits to hear agonizing voices asking for help.


There are many stories about this castle and, among all, one about the underground galleries, reached my ears. Many castles had subterranean tunnels, usable in the case of attack, to receive provisions or to escape. They say the Roccalanzona’s ones were characterized of big passages, covered by rocks and with torches always lighted up. According to the legend, in these undergrounds had been hidden a golden calf, idolized as a god. With the castle destruction, the precious simulacrum got lost and no one ever found it again. Neither any of the subterranean structures have ever been found, but it is also true that no one has ever sought them properly.

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Home > Stories > Mistery Castles > The cutting well and the golden calf