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You may be wondering why ParmaTales – “The Stories of the Duchess”?

I decided to open this website in order to enhance the territory and create a service for the local typical industries. It is my intention to promote and commercialize together the services and the excellence products of the Ducato’s lands, which are today the provinces of Parma, Piacenza and part of the Reggio Emilia’s one.

The subject I turn my attention to it is you, Italian and foreigner tourists: that is the reason why I will write in Italian and English, and I will seek cultural twinning between different countries with common features.
I would like to highlight curious aspects of the Parma and province land, which is full of resources, often underestimate, in order to create a current and original touristic proposal, beyond offer the community an itinerary of rediscovery of their own roots.

To create all of this I chose an alternative way: the tale.

I will introduce and promote some characteristic local elements telling you their stories, traditions, anecdotes and legends. My aim is to provide a certification of touristic quality especially to places and monuments with minor historical importance, locally notorious people and artisanal products.
I will do my best to tell you stories in a persuasive, impressive and motivational way, in order to create a narrative atmosphere you could find in any proposed service.
For example: how many of you know about the fascinating copious stories of the Templars in our territories? And the mystery of the Roccalanzona castle? The spectral town of the “lost children” of Ca’ Scapini? What about the White Lady of Pellegrino? Do you really know Giuseppe Verdi, beyond his operas? And how many of you art lovers would like to live a cultural experience in the cradle of Liberty? To not mention the many daytrips and bike-trips on naturalistic itineraries, on a path that once upon a time was the Ancient Way of the Salt.

Reached this point you may have already got who is the sponsor of this project: me myself, the Duchess Maria Luigia, I will be your storyteller!

I will go visiting the localities of my land, talk with person on the site and listen to stories, traditions and anecdotes (being these previous or following my actual historical age), and tell all of these to you.
I will also be the real mascot of the project: I developed an iconography where I am the characteristic element. This way, once a company makes available one of his services and products, they will receive a distinctive element (a sticker, a label, ecc.), with a portrayal of me, as symbol of the participation to the project.


And now, saddle the horses! Let’s go!


Join the project!

Help us grow the project by sending your story, with the associated celebrities and places, if possible. We will publish it on your site with your name!
                 Are you a service provider? Supports the project by adhering to the affiliate system of ParmaTales free of charge, in order to enhance the territory of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza!


Follow me! Travel with me in the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza ...

The Duchess

Do you know more
Ducato stories?

Are you passionate about mysteries and promoting the territory? Send your stories, indicating the sources, the place,                  the celebrities associated with you ... we will publish your story with your name! The Duchess is waiting for you ...

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