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The venture arose from the will of the web-agency e-Project to celebrate the 15 years of activity in an original and creative way, by opening a contest, called “A project for Parma”, so it could make available his own skills for the territories, by developing ideas and projects introduced by the citizens.
Through the many adhesions received, the agency selected the best project and together with the winners of the contest Tania Rocca and Andrea Bolsi started working on the creation of the website “ParmaTales”.
They developed the website in Italian and in English, so they could address the attention to the European tourism. Their intention is to enhance the territory of the ancient Land (Ducato) of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla by the storytelling of its legends, characters and places. They studied all the stories strategically, in order to be write them in a persuasive, impressive and motivational way. Also for this reason, they choose as narrator and mascot a distinctive sponsor the Duchess Maria Luigia.
The website has the further goal to promote excellence products and services of the territory with the prerogative of giving a recognized certification of the local touristic quality.
Together with the creator of the project and the e-Project agency, works the innovative start up Lmonkey Srl, in order to make it a case of international success.  

Join the project!

Help us grow the project by sending your story, with the associated celebrities and places, if possible. We will publish it on your site with your name!
                 Are you a service provider? Supports the project by adhering to the affiliate system of ParmaTales free of charge, in order to enhance the territory of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza!


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The Duchess

Do you know more
Ducato stories?

Are you passionate about mysteries and promoting the territory? Send your stories, indicating the sources, the place,                  the celebrities associated with you ... we will publish your story with your name! The Duchess is waiting for you ...

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Home > The Project