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Angelinda was a beautiful girl coming from Drusco; she received as dowry the land of Sèie and the big treasure guarded in the underground rooms of the castle.

However, there was a curse on those riches: Angelinda could admire the jewels, the precious stones and the golden coins, but she was forbidden to touch anything, even the smallest object, because as soon as this happened, she would have been transformed into an animal made of stone.

Among the beauties of the gorgeous treasure there was a small jewelry box made of ivory that she loved to watch. Magnificent ring were held in the chest: some had set gems, others had marvelous decorations and incisions. There was one really loved and one day she could not hold back the desire to have it in here hands: so she took it and tried it on. Immediately she was taken to the top of the castle and she transformed into an owl of rock.

The touch of the ring was not mortal for Angelinda, though: her spirit was waiting for the time to be released from the hard and cold rock. This could have happened only when all the birds that were cleaning their beak on the statue would have consumed all the stone and reach the heart of the beautiful Angelinda. Only that day the princess would have awaken, turning into her human aspect and she would have had back her reign and her dowry.

However, if a young man would have reached the castle and cuddle the stoned owl before the birds to release the heart of Angelinda, the princess would have awaken and she would have offered the the man her nuptial ring.  For her, time would have never passed, and her beauty and pretty shapes would charm again.  


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Home > Stories > Miracles and legends > The princess of stone