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Very long ago, when yet there were no stars in the sky, there was living in Drusco a dressmaker. The woman had one son only, who still a baby and was constantly hungry. It was a time of big misery and she was sewing day and night in order to grow him sane and strong, at the cost of reducing herself to skin and bones.

So, because of the too much work and the small amount of food, she got sick.

It came to Drusco a famous doctor, and as healing medicine, he ordered her to eat nutritious and abundant food. The poor dressmaker, still, kept on taking food off her mouth to feed the son. With the few strength she had in her body, she continued her work and with massive effort, she sewed fifteen shirts. Then, in silence, she closed her eyes alone and with no wail, consumed by fatigue and maternal love. The pain did not last long, and she quickly reached heaven.  

The angels, as soon as she arrived, took off the old dress she was wearing and all the worldly pains. Then they wrapped her in a cape and made her sit in the middle of a million lights, while all around, they were singing angelical songs.

At some point, she thought she heard the voice and the cry of the son who wanted to eat. Immediately she run looking for some needles and strings but she did not have the fabric to sew. She looked at the earth and she found a big swatch of blue silk. She grabbed it quickly and she started sewing.

The day after, close to nighttime, everyone looked up because in the dark sky appeared, in the middle of the blue, billions and billions of shining dots: they were the holes of the needle of the Drusco’s dressmaker. Those lights were called stars.


(Based on a legend of the high Val Ceno of Romeo Musa)


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Home > Stories > Miracles and legends > The mother of the stars