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Once upon a time, there were two rivers, the Taro and the Ceno, both born from the heights of the Penna Mount. As often happen between brothers, they liked to play and show one another their own strength and greatness.

Therefore, one day they decide to have a contest in order to demonstrate everyone, which one between the two would have been the most important, worthy descendant of the magnificent mount that created them: the first one who would have reached Fornovo, in the plane, would have become the prince river of the entire valley.

They fixed the start in the sunrise, but the Taro River, the smartest, knowing about the strength and speed of his brother, decided to begin the run during the night.

At the sunrise, when the Ceno woke up, realized that the Taro betrayed him. He started running with a great speed and took a different way, hoping to recover the disadvantage.

Both the runs were from time to time, impetuous and bumpy, and tender and peaceful. The two watercourses collected all the creeks they found on the way, and their size grew bigger and bigger, welcoming in their riverbed many different fish varieties. The Taro River, even though cheating, arrived first to Fornovo, and the Ceno could only admit he lost, so he dipped himself in the water of the brother.  

People of those places keep passing on this story, of which the two valleys are faithful witnesses: the Val Taro and the Val Ceno, divided and different because drawn by their own watercourse that every day flow down to the plane.   


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Home > Stories > Miracles and legends > The legend of the Taro and Ceno