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Between the leafy branches of the woods of Bardi, if you listen carefully, you can hear stories and legends of this territory. Among the many, there is the one of the Grieve Virgin Mary.

In the beginning of 1800s, the steam-engine machines helped making easier to travel and assisted the commercial and military routes to the Asiatic continent. From India, it came a plague of cholera that spread in Italy in 1835. The epidemic was so strong because of a faulty personal and public hygiene, poverty and medical backwardness: it creates exasperated reaction in the population. Many thought the reason was the divine anger, other accused weird combinations of planets, other again thought it was a poisoning spread by the government. People gave in to violent outlet of anger or dramatic exhibitions of religiousness. Sometimes they accused needy people, strangers, also doctor, to be shedders.

In the summer of 1836, the cholera reached the land of Parma, and the inhabitants of Bardi, devoted Christians, in disperation, one day decided to take the statue of the Grieve Virgin Mary in procession through the streets of the village, lying a splendid white veil on her shoulder. They hoped that that last request to God could put an end to the plague and all the death it was bringing with it. By the end of the ceremony, the Virgin loosed the beautiful veil that slowly slipped on the ground: since that moment, the disease stopped miraculously.

The people decided to change the old church of the Blessed Virgin of Consolation in a parish church dedicated to the Blessed Grieved Virgin Mary.


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Home > Stories > Miracles and legends > The Grieve Virgin Mary’s miracle