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Within the many different villages in the Parma’s Appennino, one day I discovered a small town, belonging to the Bardi’s territory, which became an abandoned village and today holds many legends: this town is called Ca’ Scapini.

Walking the path through the beautiful hills and the thick vegetation, you find yourself, suddenly, in a small square surrounded by crumbling houses. Here you can still see some leftovers of the human activity: you may glimpse a bed or a room furniture, old toys and girls’ shoes. Even now, there is the one that used to be the pub of the town, also with some bottles on the bar!

Walking through this village, which was abandoned almost forty years ago, you feel like you are walking in a ghost town, as the inhabitants left it running away, leaving personal belongings behind, such as beds with linens, set up tables, furniture in the shops. What could has happened? There are many legends linked to this place. They say, for example, that one day a young girl-shepherd was found dead and all the inhabitants disappeared from the village as magic; there are others that says, instead, that this had been the place of a kids’ massacre during the Nazi occupation, so people escaped because of the agonizing cry they heard at night.

There is nothing sure, but certainly, you find yourself in front of one of the most mysterious and explored abandoned village of all Italy, where visitors sometimes said they have heard weird noises.

So, fly with your imagination and walk through Ca’ Scapini, where the nature is slowly getting over. Just one warning: houses are precarious! Do not enter them!


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Home > Stories > Abandoned places > The abandoned village