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Do you know a story that has not been told yet, a character who deserve to appear or an incredible place escaped by the eye of the Duchess?

Or maybe you realized that something similar happened somewhere else?


Do not hesitate!


The Duchess is always ready to discover new things and include them in her website!


Send the story to info@parmatales.com and soon she will post it!


Send your story!

Join the project!

Help us grow the project by sending your story, with the associated celebrities and places, if possible. We will publish it on your site with your name!
                 Are you a service provider? Supports the project by adhering to the affiliate system of ParmaTales free of charge, in order to enhance the territory of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza!


Follow me! Travel with me in the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza ...

The Duchess

Do you know more
Ducato stories?

Are you passionate about mysteries and promoting the territory? Send your stories, indicating the sources, the place,                  the celebrities associated with you ... we will publish your story with your name! The Duchess is waiting for you ...

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Home > The Project > Your story