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The Beautiful Rosania was left alone again in the big castle of Gropparello, wondering whether her husband would have come back this time or not.


Rosania Fulgosio was the wife of Pietrone da Cagnano, lord of the castle and the surrounding lands, who was a valorous knight.

Their respective families decided they would have married each other and the young girl, even though reluctantly, had to accept her fate. 

Those were years of grueling battles and intense violence that were keeping men far from home for months and months. Therefore, the absence of Pietrone, exposed the castle to the enemy’s attacks, who occupy it after few days of fight. At the head of the troops there was the captain Lancillotto Anguissola, loyal leader of the ghibellina family of the Pallavicino, notorious for his bravery and war achievements.

During the occupation Rosania, kneel down with courage in front of the captain, asking for compassion for her people. The commander dismount from his horse, he lifted the visor of his helmet and, incredulous, showed his face.

Rosania had been his big love and wife-to-be when they were young, but the different social background forced them to leave each other. However, in this occasion, even though the adverse circumstances, the passion began burning again between the two lovers. Lancillotto stopped at the castle for a while, and the two lived their clandestine love as a fairytale, forgetting, for a while, the heavy war that was about to call Lancillotto back to his duties of soldier.

Once Lancillotto left again, Pietrone came back as undisputed lord of his land and castle. Although, during his absence, a servant made it to let him know about the cheating of his wife with the enemy. Blinded by the humiliation and jealousy, Pietrone began to plot his revenge: as soon as he was back, he secretly create a small room in the dungeon of the castle. Then he made sumptuous banquet to celebrate the victory of the battle, but the real aim was the revenge of his wife. He put a sleeping potion in the glass of Rosania and, once she fell asleep, he locked her in the terrible room, while she was still alive, left to her sad destiny.

The room had never been found, but still today, when the wind blows impetuous, you can hear a voice calling for help: it is the sorrowful spirit of Rosania, bricked up alive in the dungeon of the Gropparello’s Castle. 


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Home > Stories > Broken loves > Rosania’s story