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  • reggia-colorno

    The Realm of Colorno

    If Parma is the “Little Paris”, the Ducal Palace of Colorno is the “Little Versailles”. Its history is long and troubled and we are lucky we can admire its aspect today.

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  • Rivalta

    The village of Rivalta

    The small village of Rivalta is located in the entrance of the Trebbia Valley, not too far from Piacenza.

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  • Five villages and a castle

    It is time to move to the border between the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia. In between the creeks Parma and Enza there is a polycentric municipality divided in five towns...

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  • roccalanzona

    ROCCALANZONA – The forgotten fortress

    In the land of Medesano, in the province of Parma, located on a hill on the creek Dordone, there is a fortress that still chasing the sky.

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  • The Taro and the Ceno Valleys

    Did you read the way the mith explain the creation of the Taro and the Ceno Valleys? I love to spend my days in those places, among lovely villages and mountains walks.

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  • bardi

    The lands of Bardi

    Here we go in Bardi! Did you know that before the Romans to arrive, there were the Ligurian living in this place?

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  • Guastalla

    The town of Guastalla

    Guastalla is a town with its own charm: located on the riverside of the Po, it is on the border between the land of Reggio-Emilia and the land Mantua.

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  • The Pallavicino's Villa

    Thinking of Busseto, our mind takes back the image of Giuseppe Verdi. The National Museum inside Villa Pallavicino is dedicated exactly to him. Now follow me and let us discover together this building!

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  • gropparello

    The castle of Gropparello

    In the green valley of the Vezzeno Creek, on a rocky cliff 85 meters high, there is the wonderful castle of Gropparello.

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  • The Bassa's Castle

    Maybe some of you already knows that Roccabianca is a town near the Po River, in that part of the Land called Bassa.

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  • Zibello, between history and gastronomy

    On the borders of the Bassa, opposite to the Po riverside, there is a town notorious especially for the production of the “King of the cold cuts”: shall we discover it together?

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  • Il borgo di Vigoleno

    The medieval village of Vigoleno

    As you know, I am really in love with nature and I like to lose myself in the fascinating Regional Park of the Stirone and the Piacenziano, which is located in between the provinces of Parma and Piacenza.

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  • Piazza Duomo of Parma

    Piazza Duomo – the Dome Square – of Parma is a small hidden treasure in the city. As any tourist before and after my arrival, when I saw it the first time I was shocked by the incredible beauty of it!

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  • Soragna and the Meli Lupi’s Rocca

    Wandering in the Bassa Parmense you have to stop in Soragna, village of a big, wonderful and charming Rocca (fortress).

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  • The Trebbia Valley’s localities

    Let’s go together to discover the city of Bobbio in the Trebbia Valley. This territory was filled with settlements since the Neolithic, means between the 6th and 3rd millennium BC. Subsequently, first the Ligurians and then the Celtics...

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  • Il Borgo di San Donnino

    Borgo San Donnino

    There is a street with a million years story connecting the cities of Parma and Piacenza.

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  • Le Terme Liberty di Salsomaggiore

    The Liberty Thermal Bath of Salsomaggiore

    Time has come to take you to Salsomaggiore Terme, a famous thermal centre in the Land of Parma, located in a lovely hilly countryside.

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  • Abbazia di Fontevivo

    The Abbey of Fontevivo

    It is relevant to me to tell you about some historical-artistic jewels of thas place of the land called Bassa Parmense.

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