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  • Devil’s attacks to the Battistero of Parma

    Did you know that the devil is famous to be a great architect? A builder able to realize wonderful construction, unreachable for men?

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  • The Devil’s bridge

    The Ceno’s Valley, crossed by the river with the same name, has in his hillsides many stories that keep being told from father to son. A character of the zone, known by the name Musa da Calice, decided to put all of them together in a unique book of poems called “Disolla e Tognu”. He told this one to me…

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  • The grange and “the Secret of the Alamanno”

    Since the time of my first marriage, I heard about a document found by Napoleon, called “The Secret of the Alamanno”. Here is its story…

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  • The Grieve Virgin Mary’s miracle

    This is the story of how the people of Bardi succeed in beating the terrible cholera plague in 1836, thanks to their strong faith in catholic religion…

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  • The headless Saint

    One day I went to visit Fidenza and I entered the cathedral of the city. In this place, the priest told me the ancient story of the foundation of the town, which I will tell you now…

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  • The Inimitable grate

    In the village of Bobbio, in the province of Piacenza, I heard about some funny legends on a character, the monk Colombano, who, literally, knews more tricks than the Devil…

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  • The legend of the Taro and Ceno

    Now I will tell you about the mythological legend of two brothers who, challenging themselves in a contest created two valleys of the Appennino of Parma: Val Taro and Val Ceno…

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  • The miracle’s springs

    I heard about this divine miracle when I visited the sanctuary of Saint Rocco in Ardola near Zibello, in the Bassa of Parma…

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  • The mother of the stars

    The mythological legend I am about to tell you is very ancient and explain how stars born from the love of a mother…

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  • The princess of stone

    They told me that once upon a time in the village of Drusco there was a castle with a huge treasure in it. If you go to visit this place you can still see a small statue with the shape of a owl.

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  • The Rocks of Drusco

    I will tell you the ancient popular legend of the formation of those big rocks in the place of Drusco…

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    In the small town of Bobbio, close to Piacenza, I heard of some funny legends about this character, the monk Colombano, who, literally, knew more tricks than the Devil! Now I will tell you the story of the construction of another bridge on the Trebbia River, built centuries before mine one…

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