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  • The legend of Pietra Corva


    I will tell you the story of two lovers, to whom it was forbidden to love each other. They decided to do an extreme act, so they could stay together of eternity. Listen…

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  • The braids of the horses and weird people of Noveglia

    Val Noveglia villages

    Among the valleys of the Appenninos of Parma we can see, in all his beauty, the Val Noveglia, where it rises, uncontested, the castle of Bardi. In a short time I spent there, I learned some legends of this place. It is understood that a big valley like that could not refrain from producing some mysterious story…

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  • The princess of stone


    They told me that once upon a time in the village of Drusco there was a castle with a huge treasure in it. If you go to visit this place you can still see a small statue with the shape of a owl.

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  • Rosania’s story

    Gropparello Castle

    When I went visiting the village of Gropparello and I told my story, they told me about the one of the Lady of their castle, forced to give up her true love because of the will of her family…

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