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A long time ago in the kitchens of the Rivalta castle was working a cook who never made a mistake in cooking a recipe. The perfumes of his dishes used to spread all around the rooms and cheer up the banquets of the marquis Landi, last descendant of the Landi counts of Rivalta and marquis of Gambaro.

Apparently, Giuseppe was so appreciated in the kitchen as he was in the love nest. His fame as cook was going with a charming, smart and lively personality. This is the reason why he did not missed the attention of the women and the envy of the men of the court.

Everything was going all right in the sumptuous castle up to one day when Giuseppe addressed his attention on the wrong dame: the cook fell in love with the young and beautiful wife of the butler of the castle, who with he began a secret relationship. The adventure got to a tragic end when the husband surprised the two lovers. Blinded by jealousy, the butler stabbed Giuseppe with a hunting knife and hanged him in the well, in order to convince the people of the court that the cook committed suicide. Everyone believed him. The dead body was resumed and thrown in a grave without funerals. This was the destiny of the suicides. 

Somebody still feel his strong presence between the walls of the castle even today. As a joker, Giuseppe would animate the rooms of the castle by kidding the guests. There have been many testimonies of inexplicable events, noises, lights turning on, doors opening… One night, not far in time, in the modern kitchen of the castle, all the electrical appliances turned on suddenly, also the unplugged ones.

After all, the lover of the good food and the good living could not really settle for a boring eternity. 


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Home > Stories > Mistery Castles > Giuseppe the cook