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On the top of the green valley of Salsomaggiore there is the Bargone’s Castle, a big fort wanted by the most important families of the Parma lands. In 1360, the feud belonged to the Pallavicino family that got the power straight from the emperor Carlo IV. Giacomo Pallavicino was lord of Bargone for many years: he was a peaceful man, devoted to the pleasures of life and struggles of war.

It was actually his kindness to push his nephews Francesco (Lord of Scipione) and Niccolò (Lord of Tabiano) to plot behind his back, sure to easily depose their sweet and lazy uncle.

The cousins decided not to face openly Giacomo, but they made a conspiracy made of tricks and blood.

Therefore, on a sunny morning, they came in visit to the door of the uncle, and he was more than happy to welcome them and spend the day in such a nice company. He offered them a luxurious banquet, but Francesco and Niccolò returned to him by cutting his head and turning the lovely salon in a pool of blood.

Once they killed the uncle, Francesco Pallavicino, become the only owner of the castle, not respecting the deal he made with the cousin Niccolò. However, he could not enjoy it much: he did not consider the betrayed spirit of the uncle Giacomo.

After less than two years he was found dead mysteriously, with his eyes wide open and an expression of terror on his face. As soon as Francesco was buried, his cousin Niccolò went to live in the castle, but after a short time, him and his wife Maria were found dead, both with the eyes wide open as something mysterious and scary surprised them in the dark.

Many noises and inexplicable events are still happening at the castle. Somebody says it is the spirit of Giacomo Pallavicino, who could finally revenge himself but got left convicted to anxiously wander between the walls of that place where he was betrayed by his own family. 

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Home > Stories > Mistery Castles > Giacomo Pallavicino ghost