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Cassandra Marinoni, wife of the marquis Diofebo II Meli Lupi’s, was looking out the window of her carriage, on a sunny morning of June 1573. The woman was fanning herself restlessly, fluttering her ash-coloured hair. The carriage was running to Cremona, because the marquise was designated of a hard job, she really did not want to fulfil: she was supposed to testify the reconciliation between her sister Lucrezia and the husband Giulio Anguissola.

Cassandra knew well Giulio, a violent man, full of vices and with a bad moral, from whom her sister tried hard to distance herself. She accepted the request reluctantly, sure that a person like him would have never changed his behaviour and that there, where hate took place, hardly love could reappear.

That night the count Giulio came to Cremona with a rank of scoundrels that he unleashed against the Marinoni’s sisters. After they stabbed Lucrezia, the killers attacked the wretched Cassandra.

The marquise stood twenty-seven stabs that disfigured her face and caused her a slow agony. She was found lifeless, and taken to Soragna where she passed away after a long night of pain.

In her town, they hardly accepted the unfair fate of the Lady, who had been a wise administrator of the land. Diofebo tried hard to convict Giulio Anguissola, who escaped to Venice, but any move was useless and the murder was left unpunished.

Probably this is the reason why Donna Cenerina’s agitated soul still wandering around the castle today. Many says to have seen her cradling herself on the boat in the park’s lake or running in the long corridors of the castle. There’s one thing the Meli Lupi Family is sure about: Cassandra, convicted to announce misfortune to her dearest, appear any time a member of the aristocratic family is about to die

Therefore, for days you can hear he presence in the furniture creaking, in the opening doors and in the slamming windows. It is the lament of a life broken with cruelty, destined to suffer for his family forever.



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