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Oh, yes! They say that the Devil, jealous of the beautiful architectures of Parma, left many signs in the city and that, during time, he often came back to see his marks.

One day he received the news that a man had built a stunning construction that everyone admired and that it was considered the most beautiful building of the time. So decide to come to Parma to see the Battistero of Benedetto Antelami. The magnificence of the creation shocked him: the man overcame his talent!

The Devil, burning of anger, tried to destroy the Battistero with a kick, but he just scratch it. Today it still possible to see the imprint of the Devil on the octagonal building, on the side where there never comes the sun, a lasting sign of a burning hoof which give more than a homage to the wonderful creation of the Antelami.

Other legends tell that the Devil wanted to still the Battistero, and he pounce on it with a hand. In that moment the golden angel, arranged on top of the bell tower of the Cathedral, hit him, sending him away forever. This angel is notorious in the city, known as the “Angiol d’Or”. Still today, positioning yourself between the Cathedral and the Battistero, looking to the top levels of it, you may see a little scratch, sign of the hand or of the punch of the Devil.  


(Based partially on the folkloristic belief, reported by Rocco Rosignoli on his blog http://roccorosignoli.altervista.org/diavoli/

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Home > Stories > Miracles and legends > Devil’s attacks to the Battistero of Parma