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Since more than a thousand years, the castle of Bardi raises on top of a red rock and dominates the valley of the Ceno.

In the far Renaissance age, those walls had been silent witnesses of a tragic love story between Moroello and Soleste.

Soleste was the daughter of the prince of the castle and she was hopelessly in love with Moroello, the commander of the army. Their relation seemed impossible, because Soleste was already promised as wife to a rich landowner. Still, the two lovers made it to meet each other secretly, helped by the nanny of the young princess.

It came the day that Moroello had to leave: the battle was calling him. Soleste waited every day for him to come back, until the day that she saw enemy’s knights in the distance, and she understood that her lover would have never come back. The pain for the death of Moroello was too hard to stand, so she decided to end it by throwing herself from the castle’s rampart.

Unfortunately, behind that enemy’s armor, there was actually the commander Moroello, who, to spite the enemy, decided to wear his colors. Reached the castle and known about the suicide of the beautiful Soleste, he decided to throw himself from the walls as well, to be reunited with his lover.

Still today, many people admit they have seen the spirits of the two lovers wandering in the castle, doomed to live forever in this ethereal love. 


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Home > Stories > Broken loves > A tragic love story